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F MISC Basic Leadership Credit 1 MISC overviews leadership fundamentals such as setting direction, problem-solving, listening, presenting briefs, providing feedback, and using effective writing skills. Students explore dimensions of leadership values, attributes, skills, and actions in the context of practical, hands-on, and interactive exercises. It is a period which supplements and reinforces, through practical application, the fundamentals taught in each of the Military Science classes. Leadership Lab is a progressive leading experience designed to produce effective and efficient Second Lieutenants for the United States Army.

Students practice aspects of personal motivation and team building in the context of planning, executing, and assessing team exercises and participating in leadership labs. Foundations of Tactical Leadership Credit 2 The course examines the challenges of leading tactical teams in the complex contemporary operating environment COE. The course highlights dimensions of terrain analysis, patrolling, and operation orders.

Further study of the theoretical basis of the Army leadership framework explores the dynamics of adaptive leadership in the context of military operations. Adaptive Team Leadership Credit 3 MISC challenges cadets to study, practice, and evaluate adaptive leadership skills as they are presented with challenging scenarios related to squad tactical operations. Cadets receive systematic and specific feedback on their leadership attributes and actions.

Department of Military Science and Leadership (MISC)

Based on such feedback, as well as their own self-evaluations, cadets continue to develop their leadership and critical thinking abilities. Leadership in Changing Environments Credit 3 MISC uses increasingly intense situational leadership challenges to build cadet awareness and skills in leading tactical operations up to platoon level. Cadets review aspects of combat, stability, and support operations. They also conduct military briefings and develop proficiency in garrison operation orders.

Developing Adaptive Leaders Credit 3 MISC develops cadet proficiency in planning, executing, and assessing complex operations, functioning as a member of a staff, and providing performance feedback to subordinates. Cadets assess risk, make ethical decisions, and lead fellow ROTC cadets. Lessons on military justice and personnel processes prepare cadets to make the transition to Army officers.

Cadets examine differences in customs and courtesies, military law, principles of war, and rules of engagement in the face of international terrorism.

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They also explore aspects of interacting with non-government organizations, civilians on the battlefield, and host nation support. This paper presents classification accuracy of these devices for both speech and gesture modalities independently. Composition, stability, and measurement of reduced uranium phases for groundwater bioremediation at Old Rifle , CO.

Reductive biostimulation is currently being explored as a possible remediation strategy for uranium U contaminated groundwater, and is currently being investigated at a field site in Rifle , CO, USA. The long-term stability of the resulting U IV phases is a key component of the overall performance and depends upon a variety of factors, including rate and mechanism of reduction, mineral associations in the subsurface, and propensity for oxidation.

Fatal laryngeal oedema in an adult from an air rifle injury, and related ballistics. Air guns air pistols and rifles are already recognized as being potentially lethal. The diabolo pellet has a calibre of. In the presented case, the victim sustained an air rifle injury to the neck.

The pellet passed through the thyroid cartilage, subsequently causing the extensive laryngeal swelling with haematoma around the pellet channel which fatally obstructed the airway. It is estimated microscopically that at least a number of hours must have passed from the injury to the time of death. For this case, a shooting distance was estimated by using experimental shooting values compared to physics formulas for accelerated motion. The case under question has confirmed an applicable legal approach that can be utilized by countries to classify air rifles as being as harmful as other firearms, especially those with high muzzle velocities.

We have performed an initial evaluation and testing program to assess the effectiveness of a hydroxyapatite Ca10 PO4 6 OH 2 permeable reactive barrier and source area treatment to decrease uranium mobility at the Department of Energy DOE former Old Rifle uranium mill processing site in Rifle , western Colorado. Uranium ore was processed at the site from the s to the s. The mill facilities at the site as well as the uranium mill tailings previously stored there have all been removed. The technology investigated in this work is based on in situ formation of apatite in sediment to create a subsurface apatite PRB and also for source area treatment.

The process is based on injecting a solution containing calcium citrate and sodium into the subsurface for constructing the PRB within the uranium plume. As the indigenous sediment micro-organisms biodegrade the injected citrate, the calcium is released and reacts with the phosphate to form hydroxyapatite precipitate.

This paper reports on proof-of-principle column tests with Old Rifle sediment and synthetic groundwater. Comparative clinical and radiographic study of the lumbar spine between parachute infantry soldiers and non-parachute infantry soldiers in Japanese Ground Self-Defense forces. The long-term effect of repetitive trauma by military parachuting on the lumbar spine is not well investigated. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to examine the development of lumbar degenerative changes during a year follow-up in Japanese Ground Self Defense Forces JGSDF parachute infantry soldiers with normal lumbar radiographs at entry by comparison with those with non-parachute infantry soldiers.

All subjects were non-commissioned officers with similar socioeconomic status and life styles. The number of parachuting descent during the year in the parachute group ranged from to , with an average of The mean age of the subjects was The nature of their LBP was judged as mild. The prevalence rate of degenerative changes was similar in both groups.

Republic Marines

This study did not identify any significant differences in the development of lumbar degenerative changes between the parachutists and non-parachutists over a year follow-up, suggesting that military parachuting itself does not accelerate the development of intervertebral disc degeneration. Further studies are needed using large cohorts assessed by MRI as well as plain X-ray.

The purpose of this study was to examine season-to-season variations in physiological fitness parameters among a 1st team squad of professional adult male soccer players for the confirmatory purposes of identifying normative responses immediately prior to pre-season training PPS , mid-season MID , and end-of-season EOS.

Test-retest data were collected from a student population on the primary dependent variables of anaerobic threshold AT and maximal aerobic power VO2 max to define meaningful measurement change in excess of test-retest technical error between test-to-test performances. Participants from a pool of 42 professional soccer players were tested over a set sequence of tests during the 3-year period: 1 basic anthropometry, 2 countermovement jump CMJ tests 3 a combined AT and VO2 max test. Over the 3-year period there were no test-to-test changes in mean VO2 max performance exceeding pre-defined limits of test agreement mean of eight measures: There were, as we Initial efforts led to the development of a mapboard game.

It was found, however, that for the benefits. Dental health status and treatment needs in the infantry regiment of the Malaysian Territorial Army. The aim of this study was to determine the dental health status and treatment needs of personnel in the Infantry Regiment of the Malaysian Territorial Army TA. This cross-sectional study involved stratified and systematic random sampling with a total sample size of Dental health status and treatment needs were assessed using the standard WHO oral assessment criteria These findings suggest that there was a high need for dental treatment in the Infantry Battalions of Malaysian TA Regiments and the service must be made available to cater to the needs.

Vibration transmissibility on rifle shooter: A comparison between accelerometer and laser Doppler vibrometer data. The transmission of mechanical vibrations from tools to human subjects is known to be potentially dangerous for the circulatory and neurological systems. It is also known that such damages are strictly depending on the intensity and the frequency range of the vibrational signals transferred to the different anatomical districts.

In this paper, very high impulsive signals, generated during a shooting by a rifle , will be studied, being such signals characterised by a very high acceleration amplitude as well as high frequency range. In this paper, it will be presented an experimental setup aimed to collect experimental data relative to the transmission of the vibration signals from the rifle to the shoulder of subject during the shooting action.

In particular the transmissibility of acceleration signals, as well as of the velocity signals, between the rifle stock and the subject's back shoulder will be measured using two piezoelectric accelerometers and a single point laser Doppler vibrometer LDV.

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Tests have been carried out in a shooting lab where a professional shooter has conducted the experiments, using different experimental configurations: two different types of stocks and two kinds of bullets with different weights were considered. Two uniaxial accelerometers were fixed on the stock of the weapon and on the back of the shoulder of the shooter respectively. Vibration from the back shoulder was also measured by means of a LDV simultaneously.

A comparison of the measured results will be presented and the pros and cons of the use of contact and non-contact transducers will be discussed taking into account the possible sources of the measurement uncertainty as unwanted sensor vibrations for the accelerometer. Marine Corps Recruit Depot rifle and Broad River, S. Squad management, injury and match performance in a professional soccer team over a championship-winning season.

For each player, match participation and time-loss injuries were recorded, the latter prospectively diagnosed by the team's physician. The team also won its highest number of games directly via a goal from a substitute and scored and conceded a goal first on the highest and lowest number of occasions, respectively. Sampling Period: June 14—17 and July 7, Duplicate samples were collected from New Rifle locations and , and Old Rifle location One equipment blank was collected after decontamination of non-dedicated equipment used to collect one surface water sample.

See Attachment 2, Trip Report for additional details. Sampling and analyses were conducted as specified in the Sampling and Analysis Plan for U.

Interview with William J. Newman, Vietnam veteran. CCSU Veterans History Project

Monitoring well could not be sampled in June because it was surrounded by standing water due to the high river stage from spring runoff, it was later sampled in July. Monitoring well and surface location could not be sampled because access through the elk fence along Interstate 70 has not been completed at this time.

Of these numbers the 9th Infantry suffered most heavily, losing 44 officers and enlisted.