Guide The Birds of Northern Melanesia: Speciation, Ecology, and Biogeography

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The Birds of Northern Melanesia: Speciation, Ecology, and Biogeography

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These years of study have resulted in a huge database, complete with distributions of all species on 76 islands, together with their taxonomy, colonization routes, ecological attributes, abundance, and overwater dispersal.


Color plates depict 88 species and allospecies, many of which have never been seen before. For students of speciation, Northern Melanesian birds now constitute a model system against which other biotas can be compared. For population biologists interested in other problems besides speciation, this rich database can now be mined for insights.

Guns, Germs, and Steel Jared Diamond. Upheaval Jared Diamond. The second controversial issue was the role of peripheral isolates. This conclusion has not reached general acceptance, far from it, and the models in disfavour of this idea outnumber those in favour. Many of the examples in the book were taken from the avian fauna in East Asia where Mayr had carried out extensive field work since the s.

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Years later Jared Diamond worked in the same area, and Mayr and Diamond agreed to produce a single book, more extensive than any other previous treatment. Two questions came to my mind when I got this book: given the recent wealth of models of sympatric speciation and the availability of much more data, has Mayr and Diamond changed his mind with regard to this issue? Secondly, are peripheral isolates still the most likely source of new species?

The book is divided into seven parts, distributional maps and seven appendices with background data. The first two parts relate to the environmental background and human impacts whereas the third part is a description of the avifauna of the area and the fourth a description of possible colonization routes.

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These four parts are short and serve as a general background to the analyses that comprise the bulk of the book which are divided into a taxonomic and a geographical analysis. The text ends with a synthesis and some suggestions for future research.

The Birds of Northern Melanesia: Speciation, Ecology, and Biogeography - PDF Free Download

Many different taxa and their geographical variants are presented as beautiful colour plates. Without having complete knowledge of the avian literature, I do not hesitate to consider this book the most comprehensive and detailed account of any avian fauna in the world, and probably among the most detailed ones for any fauna.

What makes this book different from most others is the geographical, rather than taxonomic, perspective, which is rare among avian books, and the book should perhaps not be seen as a bird book, but as a book about speciation and geography using birds as an example. I am afraid that many potential readers will discard the book by only looking at the title that indicates that this is just a fauna of an unknown area. However, the book is so much more than that. Most readers will probably skip the very detailed accounts of the separate taxa, and go directly to the Synthesis, and they will miss little unless one is unwilling to accept the inferences drawn by the data.

The Synthesis in itself provides few surprises but will serve as excellent material for use in teaching, going from detailed accounts of each taxa to broad generalizations about the process of geographical speciation, with all the various stages being well represented in the data.

So, what about the two questions posed in the beginning of this review? However, the conclusions are almost entirely based on morphological data using museum specimens. As has become apparent recently, the use of molecular techniques may lead to surprises concerning the phylogenetic relationships of various taxa, even in birds.