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No stationery wardrobe is complete without sheets for longer letters. The size you select is largely a matter of preference, but these sheets become more formal, generally speaking, as they move up in size.

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The Note and Monarch sizes are the most common for non-business letters. Because there is more room on a sheet than on a card, you may want to engrave your address at the top, underneath your name.

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Our Sheets are cut from our 1-ply stock 32 lb. Though our sheets are substantial, they can still be fed through a printer if you wish. And engraved text does not melt in a laser printer, as thermographed text does. For personal correspondence, however, we always recommend hand-writing your letters and notes. Most Calling Cards are engraved with only a name, but for those who choose to include more, they might have the information you would normally give to a new social acquaintance, including your e-mail address, telephone number and home address.

But however minimal your Calling Card, you can always hand-write additional information when you give it to someone—this, in fact, would make it even more personal. The Calling Card is a fun way to be remembered and an opportunity to do something clever. Our Calling Cards come in five different sizes and can be made from 2-ply, 3-ply, 4-ply or even 6-ply stock. Many people also choose an unusual ink or typeface since the informal use allows for more creativity.

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In the end, whether you choose bright colors and witty touches or a classic style with just a name, an engraved Calling Card ensures that you make a memorable impression. A Gift Enclosure an take many forms. The simplest version is a Calling Card where the name appears top center to allow for a very brief note and would come with a small envelope. The tags are looped with a ribbon in the color of your choosing. Simply tie to a wrapped gift or decorate the neck of a wine bottle for a modern personalized touch.

Your name or monogram is engraved on the front of the note, and your message is written on the inside. The top half of the inside is left blank.

When folded, Informals measure the same as a Correspondence Card. Because its writing space is a bit smaller, the elegant Informal is best for short notes. Below are the measurements of our most popular products. To view a diagram, click on a product to download the pdf. Card Sizes. Sheet Sizes. Wedding Sizes. Correspondence cards are made from flat card stock that does not fold. Our standard weight is 3-ply, but some paper colors are available in 4-ply and 6-ply weights. Our standard sizes are 1, 3, 5 and 7. The size you select is largely a matter of preference, but these sheets become more formal, generally speaking, as they move up in size, the Note and Monarch sizes being most common for non-business letters.

Though our sheets are substantial, they may be fed through a printer if you wish. Because one generally does not write on the reverse of an engraved sheet, you may consider ordering a number of blank sheets to use as additional pages. Our Size 1 is the standard fold-over size, but these notes also come in our Size 3. Because its writing space is a bit smaller, the elegant Informal is best for short not.

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  • What Is Imprinting?.
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  • Just like a clothing wardrobe, your stationery wardrobe should include foundation pieces appropriate for any occasion as well as a few fun and seasonal pieces. Beyond the content of your correspondence, the choices you make about your papers — size, weight, color, typestyle — convey a lot of information about you, and they should reflect who you are. We have found the following stationery pieces help our customers establish a coherent suite of papers that speaks to who they are while letting them speak for themselves.

    Composing Sympathy Messages

    The most straightforward way to marry the elements in your wardrobe is to use the same typestyle and ink color on every piece, but it's perfectly acceptable to be creative and mix things up-- whatever best reflects you. For instance, the 3 Sheet folds once to fit the same envelope as the 3 Correspondence Card. Your stationery wardrobe may include papers for business purposes.

    Whether coordinated in some ways with your social stationery or not, business stationery is usually more conservative. Papers should be White or Ecru, and ink should be black or another dark color. The exception, of course, if for individuals with less conservative professions — an event-planner or photographer would probably choose something very different from what a doctor or lawyer would choose. Many customers also choose to purchase blank second sheets in case a letter goes on longer than a page. Additionally, the envelopes for business stationery are not typically lined.

    Correspondence Cards are also utilized in Business Stationery Wardrobes. After a big meeting or event, a hand-written note is just the right touch to close the deal or say thanks. The final component of a tradition Business Stationery Wardrobe is the Business Card, and an engraved card makes an impressive statement.

    Funeral Baskets to Gift Comfort

    The engraving process gives much more clarity and distinction to lettering, and the result is a card that not only feels luxurious but also is crystal-clear to read. Another element that many businesspeople find useful is the Jotter Note. Where can I view your selection of typestyles, ink colors, and envelope liners? If you have identified a typestyle you would like to use but do not find it in our offerings, we can most likely acquire it. We've presented a selection of our finest ink colors here.

    We are more than happy to accommodate specific pantone color matching requests. Please call us at to inquire about your bespoke specifications. Since cotton fibers are significantly longer than those in other materials such as wood it gives our paper an especially soft, rich texture. It also means that it is naturally acid free. Our papers are milled exclusively for us in the United States. Our watermark can be clearly seen in our 1-ply sheets.

    When more than one sheet is plied together, the watermark disappears, but it is still the same paper stock of the highest quality. Custom engraving is just that — a custom job every time with myriad options from which to choose. If you have an idea in mind and need advice, or want to take your customization to the next level, please do not hesitate to call us at We have several artists and graphic designers on staff who would be glad to help you build a custom stationery wardrobe or unique invitation. Can you create a plate or die from my own artwork or design?

    If you are interested in having a plate or die made from an existing design, please contact us with your inquiry.

    Our skilled design team is available to help you develop custom artwork for your stationery order, from logos to house vignettes. Please contact us to discuss your project with one of our design staff. How long will it take to engrave my stationery? We do offer rush services for an additional fee.

    Please call us at If you order any of our boxed Correspondence or Gifts, they will ship to you in five business days. Please email us as much information as possible about your plates and we will let you know whether we have them in our files. Your credit card will be charged at the time you place your order. Personalized stationery, though it takes time, is custom-made for you and must be paid for at the time the order is placed.

    Engraving plates are carefully cut from copper or steel dies, which are then used to stamp the paper. Our engravers hold themselves to the highest quality and precision when it comes to engraving your stationery. Therefore, once a plate is engraved, it cannot be changed to reflect a change of address or new phone number. A new plate must be created to reflect any changes you may have. I have just placed an order. What is the best method for sending my existing engraving plate to you? The U.

    Postal service has sorting machines that can damage plates in transit if the plate is not packaged properly, and even a small defect can render a plate unusable for engraving. Please make sure your plate is carefully packaged to ensure it will not be damaged in shipping.

    Sympathy Gifts

    If you have not placed your order yet, please call us at You can find select motif cards offered at reduced prices at our web site's Sale page. Throughout the year, we offer occasional sales on selections of motif designs or on a specific type of personalized stationery. Please call us at to create your gift certificate package. If sent with the utmost sincerity a thank you note is always appropriate - after dinner parties, a walk in the park or acknowledging friendship. It is best to send your Thank You Note as soon as you can, within a week if possible.

    Princess Diana is said to have written her Thank You Notes each evening before bed.

    While you probably don't need a daily routine, some discipline is helpful, particularly with those notes which are difficult to write, as when you don't know the addressee well. Having stationery you enjoy using, a comfortable pen, and a store of stamps can help, along with a designated writing desk and good light. Soon you will find yourself writing notes for no reason at all. While you should try to send Thank You Notes within a week or two, "better late than never" certainly applies.

    If you're a month or more late, still send your note, but make it particularly thoughtful. There's no need to waste space with excuses because there are none -- just apologize and carry on. Your recipient will be just as delighted to get your note. What are some helpful tips when writing a Thank You Note? A sincere and eloquent note of thanks will be remembered forever. Thank-you notes allow us to acknowledge deeds large and small, in a thoughtful and considered way.